Searching for the World’s Best Massages

Searching for the World’s Best Massages … Part 1: Madrid

I LOVE getting massages.

More specifically, I love great massages. Over the past 25 years I’ve experienced over 500 treatments; Thai, Balinese, Swedish, Chinese, Acupressure, Sports, Nepali, you name it, I am a willing enthusiast. I have been trading massage with my fellow practitioners for a couple of decades. It has been a wonderful way to learn what to do and what NOT to do.

In 2015, I spent 2 months traveling around Europe, continuing my search for the World’s Best Massages.

Here I share my stories of discovery thus far….

Part 1:  Madrid (2015) Kenika Thai Massage

After traveling for 3 weeks, my body was out of whack. According to reviews on I had to check out Kenika Thai Massage. It was expensive, especially for recession-riddled Spain.

My expectations were high.

kenika welcome

I was greeted at the locked door by a suited doorman. He escorted me via an elegant, antique elevator to the studio entrance. Another locked door, doorbell rung, and warmly answered by Noy, a smiling, elegant woman dressed in Thai attire.

After being granted passage thus far, I was feeling rather special. Straight to business, in true Thai style, Noy handed me a menu. She recommended the ‘Kenika Ultimate Massage‘, a combination of Swedish and Thai massage. Sold!


I was taken into a massage room, instructed to undress, put on a robe and sit down. My therapist washed my feet in flower petal water and cleaned my feet with salt, oil and fresh lemon juice. Then my massage began.

kenika foot wash

What they did Well

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Clicked my back into place so I felt aligned
  • Professional, personal, sincere attention
  • Didn’t initiate unwelcome conversation in treatment roomkenika view
  • Massaged me for the full time I paid for
  • Presented a menu rather than simply told what was available
  • Clean
  • Quiet ambiance with continuous Thai theme throughout
  • High quality oils, fresh ingredients for foot scrub
  • Camphor infused warm, wet towel applied to forehead, divine!
  • Warm oil
  • Sense of ceremony
  • Delivered what I requestedkenika tea
  • They spoke English
  • Made me feel special
  • I was welcomed to stay and relax afterward, with a great view of the famous Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, home of Real Madrid soccer team.
  • Served tea post-treatment
  • Invited me to leave a review without making me feel obligated to
  • Separate ‘Maitre D’ and therapist
  • Spanish Website has English option

What can be improved

  • Get the pressure right, massage was too deep at times and I wish she was more careful with my sore areas
  • Stay present. I can always tell when the therapist starts thinking about what they are going to cook for dinner. Their moves become mechanical and rote. This happened half way through, although she returned toward the end of the session.
  • Post-massage, I found out that Noy, (the Maitre D) massages. I would have preferred her as my therapist, especially as we had already established an agreeable connection.

A highly recommended experience overall, this establishment is one of my favorite finds.

Address: Av. Concha Espina | 18 piso 1 pta 3, 28016 Madrid, Spain                                                                                 Phone: 3 491 279 2081                                                                                                                 
kenika directions

Want a Really Great Massage with Kim?

I take all the lessons I learn from therapists world-wide to give you an exceptional massage, every time.


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