Kim - Masseuse Extraordinaire
North Lake Tahoe

Bio: I'm an Australian therapist now operating in Lake Tahoe and the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. My successful private practice has me supporting diverse clients such as Silicone Valley upper management, health-conscious retirees and Olympic athletes. You will find me doing 'research' biweekly : getting massages myself. This is how I keep YOUR bodywork fresh, by trading with the best therapists out there and sharing techniques with them. A Master Masseuse is a bodyworker who has spent at least 10,000 hours honing their craft.....with over a decade of experience this makes me a master therapist. Throw into the mix a comprehensive 1 year yoga teacher training, Reiki energetic healing certificates, First Aid training, outdoor guiding certification, world-wide travel, work experience with ironman athletes / medi-spas / a high-end gated community / sports massage clinic / spa in the middle of a rainforest....and you have a well-rounded health professional. Community giving is important to me. As well as supporting local schools, animal shelters and local charities, I have also sponsored the planting of 1000 new rainforest trees in Australia. These trees provide habitat for 3 endangered species.

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